A new creative enterprise with V.J. Waks (Bergerac / Sapper Tab Ent.), an award winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy author and writer. Projects in the development slate include a World War II epic, a period British romantic screwball comedy, a contemporary American screwball comedy, and a Sci-Fi series.

More to come.


Current Development Slate:

We live in a different time now.

It’s a different world – In a different galaxy.

War needs a new kind of soldier,

This time it will get a new kind of man.

June 1940

The world watches as the light of liberty grows dim.

Yet, even as France falls to her knees,

for three incredible days, against impossible odds –

a handful of men will rise, stand – and resist.

When all you have left is freedom,

that is what you lay down your life for.

Victorian England.

Women are fighting for their rights – whatever that means.

Everyone else is fighting to get stinking rich.

A little something Oscar Wilde might have sent to Agatha Christie -

An insanely effervescent British romantic screwball comedy

about money, murder, and of course – sex.

A hilariously cautionary tale about the pitfalls of social media -

and not being careful what you wish for…

A most unromantic, contemporary, screwball comedy.

Ok, we lied about the unromantic part.



Past Projects:

Casualties of War - Producer

For the Greater Good? - Producer

Angels In the Sky – Co-Producer

Doomsday Chronicles (syndication) – Producer

Snipets – Producer (Peabody Award)

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! – Segment Producer

Journey’s Below The Line - Episodes included:

- “Lost” The Cinematography Team – Associate Producer

- “ER” The Prop Masters – Associate Producer

Whatever Happened To The Saturday Matinee – Producer/Director

Playboy Sex And Sensuality Test – Associate Producer

Andria Doria – Associate Producer